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Clarity Desert Treks are for the most part designed and developed based on the micro climates and eco systems of the famous Mogollon Rim. The “Rim” is one of the most impressive geological treasures in the world, standing four to five thousand feet above sea level, running nearly across the entire state of Arizona from east to west, and featuring perhaps the widest array of geography in the lower forty eight states. Extensive Ponderosa Pine forests thrive on the slopes of the “Rim” that provide both simple and challenging trek opportunities from the surrounding desert floor to the top of the great plateau.

The central and most spectacular portions of the Mogollon Rim are highlighted by the Kaibab Limestone and Coconino Sandstone cliffs often a primary destination of the Clarity Desert Wilderness team. Our base camp for all of our desert trek efforts is the town of Payson Arizona and it is open November through April, primarily to offset the winter month unavailability of both the Texoma Wilderness and the Canyons. Starting in November the initial Desert treks are facilitated into the Hellsgate Wilderness area

located at the edge of the “Rim”, and successive treks move up the slopes to various points along the “Rim” depending on the weather and environmental conditions. Commonly visited areas by our Desert Wilderness Team on and around the “Rim” include Tonto Creek, Kaibab Limestone Cliffs, Coconino Sandstone Cliffs, Fossil Creek Canyon, Pine Canyon, and Tonto Natural Bridge State Park.

Central to all of our Desert treks is the understanding that we are traveling on sacred ground with a history dating back tens of thousands of years. In many cases there are life forms that only exist in these specific areas, and like our personal renewal efforts this magnificent environment is both delicate and divine. As with all of our wilderness efforts, we leave each of our camp sites as we found them, with no trace left behind

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